Monday, July 30, 2012

Salty Habit

Okay. I admit it, I'm a salt lover. Pretzels, pickles, and cured meats all call my name. If given a choice, I choose salty snacks over sweet treats every time. But if you have been reading the health news the past few years, you know that too much salt is a big problem. It upsets the biochemical balance of our bodies, makes our ankles and fingers swell (retain water) and a bunch of other more serious ailments.

Today, I ran across a New York Academy of Sciences podcast in their Science and the City A Thought About Food series. It summaries all the good and bad news about salt in a simple, easy to swallow way. Check it out.
A Thought About Food: Rock Steady. 

If you are a sugar lover, never fear, they have a podcast for you too. 
A Thought About Food: Sugar in the Morning...

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