Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Science of Beauty

It's true that what humans view as beautiful is subjective and changes between cultures and over time. TV, movies, and commercials also show the latest in beauty products and beautiful people. A lot depends on what our families looked like too. 

But, how about the science behind the creams, shampoos, chapsticks, lip sticks, sunscreens, age spot faders, wrinkle reducers, mascaras, and hundreds of other age defying, beauty improving products? 

Most beauty products depend on surfactants, dyes, and oils to add moisture to the skin. Herbal ingredients are added to make the process more organic. The overall industry is broad and deep, but if you want to investigate the science of beauty further, check out

A NY Times article in February 2012, described how make-up affects attraction. Surprisingly, women who wore more cosmetics, were viewed as more trustworthy and successful than those with little or no make-up. Those who slathered it on or chose odd/wrong cosmetic shades were viewed as untrustworthy. Check it out. 

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